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Come Home to Your Senses

Kim’s Story


I grew up hugely cut off, stifled. My life in small town Michigan was flat. I was taught to isolate from my body and emotions.

The first time I walked into Turiya’s I felt an enormous amount of release. Walking through the doors ignited my senses. I spent hours handling the crystals and stones, barely noticing time going by. I hadn’t known how much of a tactile person I was before feeling what Turiya’s feels like. The ability to explore and heighten my sensorial awareness in a safe, calm and supported place was groundbreaking for me.

The information cards with each stone helped focus and guide my healing journey. My body was drawn to a stone, and the written explanation card would affirm exactly what I was working on. That first visit I bought myself fluorite for consciousness and spiritual growth, clear quartz for mental peace and self-love, and rainbow moonstone for powerful healing of my emotional body. Turiya’s inspires me to treat myself as a goddess.

Experiencing Turiya’s was essential for my healing. Each level of myself—the physical, emotional, spiritual and intellectual—was ignited and then gently supported by affirming, calming, knowledgeable staff.

Even from a distance, Turiya’s supports me in building my best life here in Portland. I have built my first alter. I close my eyes and hold my small piece of quartz in the palm of my hand and remember that there is a place being held for me, where I can be my truest self. This is not something I had before. Now, I’m not only working on healing my insides, but am actively working on making my outsides reflect the healing within. Turiya’s made that possible for me. I will always be grateful.