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Come Home to Yes

Teri’s Story


This is a story of one of the many times that my life has been affected by Turiya’s and synchronicity.

I have a friend, an amazing healer, who lives near Turiya’s. During a reading she told me, “There is a very strong presence here. I feel like I want to call Gabriel, but in the feminine Gabrielle. It could be Archangel Gabriel communicating. It’s very strong and it’s very important for you at this time that this guide, or this energy, is with you.”

After the reading I made my regular stop by Turiya’s.

I walk in and right away I see the back of a beautiful statue with an incredible wingspan. I got this funny feeling…like I dropped into my body. I felt very grounded, very clear.

“Do you have others?” I ask the girl behind the counter. It was like we were speaking in code! She says, “Yes!” We look up at the shelf as she points them out. “There’s Michael, Uriel, Raphael…” I wait. She reaches behind the counter. “And you know,” she says, “We have Gabriel, but it’s in the feminine form.”

I look at Gabrielle, there on the counter. Her wings are lifted, and she’s smiling.

She was meant to be in my home.

I created a specific, highly active altar space around her. She is a personal and global focus for gratitude, abundance and manifestation. There are always intentions on her altar, for myself, others, animals, the earth. Every circumstance put to her receives healing, and always for the highest good. It just…happens. Like the synchronicity of Turiya’s.

Turiya’s feels like taking a deep breath and knowing that you’re in the exact right place at the right time; that your answer is “yes”. Before I began walking my spiritual path, it was either my head or my heart. I lived from both but at different times and with different decisions. Now my head and heart are in unison. In synchronicity, they say “yes”.

That’s what going to Turiya’s does for me. When I place a prayer or an intention on Gabrielle’s altar, she does the same thing. I do not have to effort. They provide the deep positive affirmation that yes, you are where you need to be. Yes, healing will be had for the highest good. At Turiya’s and in front of Gabrielle’s altar, I get that synchronistic message.