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Come Home to Turiya

Our Founder – Jan Jacobsen


Jan and Kristen first crossed paths in 1999 when Kristen was looking for office space for her Reiki practice. In addition to finding a beautiful office, Kristen found a spiritual mentor and lifelong friend.

Jan makes people feel like they are the most important person in the world. She brings the best out in people. She is engaging, present, and genuinely cares for all living things and the world around her.

So many people love and respect her for who she is and how she shows up for other people. She is an animal lover and rock hound. In fact, at different points in time Turiya’s has been a sanctuary for small animals like bunnies and birds.

She has an uncanny knack for finding the most extraordinary crystals & minerals. She is an incredibly gifted teacher and intuitive consultant working with both individuals and companies.

In her decades of experience in the crystal and mineral world, our founder, Jan, has fostered truly meaningful relationships with merchants who share Turiya’s dedication to compassionate services and purchases only the highest vibrational material.

From suppliers around the world, Turiya’s purveyors are deeply committed to their employees, their product, and the communities they serve and support.


To know Jan is to love Jan. She embodies so much of what is right with the world. She has a benevolent spirit, a compassionate heart, and deep and abiding faith. And, lucky for me, she is not only my mentor, she is my family.

I worked at Turiya’s when it first opened over 25 years ago. It was during a very formative period of time for me, and Jan became a true and trusted mentor. Watching how deeply she loved her customers, and how playful her creative spirit was, helped me to develop a bond with the world, a knowing that our path is made better when we open to all beings on this journey. We are all traveling together…

Fast forward almost 20 years, I’m pregnant with my second child, and during a conversation with Jan it comes up that I would really love to learn about the laying on of stones. She helped facilitate my return to Turiya’s, and has mentored me again with crystals and minerals. Her depth of knowledge is stunning, but even more amazing is her way of sharing this knowledge. She shares her knowledge in such a giving way, that you feel as though you are participating in something sacred, it is inclusive, an invitation, an exploration of the divine wonders this beautiful world offers. Her love of the mineral world is transcendent. When you buy a crystal from Turiya’s you can be sure that it was hand picked with love.

– Abi