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Come Home to Magic

Mitch’s Story


The first time I walked into Turiya’s I felt like I was walking into a treasure box. I was fascinated, like I was going to discover something new every single time. Now, I feel like the store is at my service. It’s no longer just about discovery, it’s about finding the tools I need for my next step.

I have a really strong connection with crystals. Learning about them has been my joy. Each stone has a card describing its healing benefits. You’ll pick up a stone because you think it’s pretty, or it keeps catching your eye and you’re drawn to it. Then you’ll pick up the card and you’ll realize it’s exactly what you need. The communication of crystals is very real. They draw you in so intensely it is as if they’re talking to you.

I honestly haven’t found any object or item at Turiya’s that isn’t helpful for healing. The tarot cards and angel decks help provoke thought. They are so simple, just cards, but they’re so useful in problem solving. They help us see the things we can’t see around us, and help us ask the questions that should be asked. I bought my first set of mala beads at Turiya’s and have worn beads ever since. They remind me of the importance of intention. One hundred and eight beads for one hundred and eight times setting that intention.

This is what Turiya’s does. It calls you in, it helps you set intentions, it helps you see what is right in front of you.

I really feel more connected to myself. I trust myself now, and my intuition. I feel a lot more secure in my choices. I can do what I need to, follow the path that’s right in front of me. I don’t need to look too far ahead or behind. Turiya’s feels magical to me. It really helps me be present. I like that feeling.