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Come Home to Love

Laurel’s Story


My first meeting with Kristen was definitely guided. It was my late twenties, I had just left a relationship because I was totally cut off from myself. I couldn’t love myself and I certainly couldn’t love another person. I prayed, asking for something to change. Eventually I was invited to one of her classes, where I found a group of women sitting in a circle talking about themselves and connecting. I was uncomfortable with that. So I stayed.

Kristen is excellent at holding space for people, working with their timelines. She understands that the way to work with people is to trust their process, let them come to it. Those first couple years were really hard. We began working one on one and I began experiencing repressed traumas. I am absolutely sure they came up because I felt safe with Kristen. I finally had this person, this guide, that made it possible for me to heal.

She helped me realize that I have control over how I experience my life. That was really important for me to know and integrate into my being because so much of the time I felt victimized by life or circumstance. It changes everything when you realize you control your life. You control what happens. If you want something different, you can make it different.

My life now is night and day. Back then I had no idea who I was, I had no idea what I wanted. Now, my health is transformed, my relationships have deepened. I conjured a great relationship with a man I adore. I have soul friendships. I have a deeper connection with spirit. I’ve come a long way. I know myself now.

I am so incredibly grateful that Kristen guided me, showed me how to work through my emotions, how not to be afraid of life.

She taught me the key to being a goddess: Wrap your arms around yourself and your emotions and be willing to be with yourself in total compassion. Allow it all to be there, move through it, work with whatever is coming up. Then, move on to something great.