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Kristen Dalzen


Kristen Dalzen is an internationally known Reiki master and teacher, adept in training those interested in healing themselves or others. She leads her students to love their bodies, dance their dreams and achieve their most juicy desires.

She’s a catalyst, conjurer, change agent and provocateur. She’s passionate about inspiring, supporting and coaxing students to draw out their authentic selves.

From an early age, Kristen desired to be of positive service to the world. While studying to be a therapist in her twenties, she went through a period of deep existential crisis. With the emergence of repressed childhood trauma, she was compelled to embark on a journey of healing and self discovery.

In addition to undergoing therapy, she began to study eastern philosophies of health and energy medicine. She realized that intellect alone could not fully heal. With deep respect for psychotherapy and the importance of doing psychological work, she also discovered that the body is an essential piece on the journey to wholeness. Embodiment is the path to cultivate an authentic, joyful, vital presence. With this in mind, she began pursuing and exploring a vast diversity of healing tools and modalities.

After many years of exploration and practice, she is a masterful teacher of Reiki, the chakra system, breath work, and embodiment practices. She has spent her lifetime in the study of world philosophies, mythologies and comparative religions. She is a student and teacher of life, believing that healing, like the self, is always unfolding.

Without a doubt Kristen is a healer. A client of many years describes the work she does as soul reclamation. She assists individuals in dealing with physical and emotional pain, loss and a multitude of other blockages that get in the way of living an ignited, passionate life.

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