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Come Home to Connection

Casee’s Story

My work with Kristen over the last many years has been deep, profound, powerful, vulnerable and transformative.

She has nurtured the gorgeous breath-taking flower that I am in ways I wasn’t able to see before — to stretch into my radiance, into possibility. I am choosing to risk and daring to live a life I believed was not within my reach or that I wasn’t worthy of experiencing. I celebrate my humanity and embrace my full feminine emotional range, daily…and while some moments are easier than others, I am getting better at meeting myself where I am, being kind and compassionate with myself and surrounding myself with a loving and supportive community. I am more in my body, more connected to my whole self. I have support to come back to me, to my body’s wisdom. Kristen gently reminds me that living the life of our dreams takes cultivated practice, which she helps me learn by modeling it every day.

I am living an extraordinary life! I am living a life I could not have imagined were it not for my work and association with Kristen. She has supported me to own, author and co-create the life I desire. I am having a full, rich, expansive, juicy, radiant experience. Kristen’s depth of knowledge continues to guide me into my own sacredness, my wholeness, spiritually, physically, emotionally and mentally.

The truth is, I have a deeper capacity to love, including to love myself.