Narcos Narcos


“The first time I walked into Turiya’s I felt like I was walking into a treasure box. I was fascinated, like I was going to discover something new every single time. Now, I feel like the store is at my service. It’s no longer just about discovery, it’s about finding the tools I need for my next step. Turiya’s feels magical to me. It really helps me be present. I like that feeling.”
— Mitch


Jan Jacobsen opened Turiya’s in 1992, establishing a space for teaching, healing, and chakra work, and creating an opportunity for community, a place of sanctuary and safety. Kristen Dalzen and Stephanie Pappas, owners since January 28, 2008, are continuing that mission.

People come to Turiya’s for a moment of stillness, to be uplifted and inspired, to find a meaningful gift for a loved one, and for tools for healing and support on their journey. They sometimes experience an aha moment of illumination, a burst of laughter, or even a cathartic cry. We carefully curate every product, sourcing and purchasing only the highest vibrational material.

Exploring the shop is an invitation to fully engage all your senses. Chimes and glass orbs dance from the ceiling, fairies peek out from shelves, singing bowls and drums beckon to be played, crystals gleam and stones call out, and sacred symbols and statues surround the space. Our dove, Eme, coos and sometimes taps on your selections, helping you with your final choices.

Turiya’s is like a warm embrace, a sacred space where people feel seen and held. We cultivate a sense of community and nurture relationships with our patrons.



We invite you to experience the magic, charm and comfort of Turiya’s for yourself.