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Our energy system provides the clear pathway to embodying our truth and coming home to the self. A vibrational healing session offers a supportive container to incubate this beautiful potential. This multidimensional approach combines insight and energy work to address the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual layers of healing.

The word Reiki is made of two Japanese words: Rei, which means “God’s wisdom” or the “Higher power” and Ki, which is “life force energy.” Reiki is a process of spiritually guiding life force energy.

Reiki is one of many holistic approaches in healing one’s body, emotions, mind and spirit. It alleviates pain, stress, depression, anxiety and creates a sense of tranquility and well being.

Kristen is a Master Reiki Teacher and an expert at training those who wish to heal themselves or others.

Tarot is a way to connect with the deepest self. The archetypal images of the tarot depict essential experiences and patterns of development in the human journey. Its symbols bridge your inner world to your conscious mind. In this way, a reading provides a mirror for the psyche and a means of finding and following your life’s path.

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We all carry a spark of the Divine, a light that beckons us toward an inspired, passion-filled life of purpose.

We are devoted to igniting this spark in people and guiding them to come home to the self. Our products work together with our practices to create powerful and lasting transformational results.

Our practices are gentle and healing. Kristen creates a safe space for being vulnerable, allowing clients to access and clear anything inhibiting their growth and fulfillment. She offers practices grounded in both energy and the body to help people create peaceful, pleasure-filled, purposeful lives.

My first meeting with Kristen was definitely guided. It was my late twenties, I had just left a relationship because I was totally cut off from myself. I couldn’t love myself and I certainly couldn’t love another person.

My life now is night and day. Back then I had no idea who I was, I had no idea what I wanted. Now, my health is transformed, my relationships have deepened. I conjured a great relationship with a man I adore. I have soul friendships. I have a deeper connection with spirit. I’ve come a long way. I know myself now.

I am so incredibly grateful that Kristen guided me, showed me how to work through my emotions, how not to be afraid of life.
– Laurel