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Jan and KristenJan opened Turiya’s in 1992 to create a place for people to gather, and 13 years later they continue to come. Jan & Kristen first crossed paths in 1999 when Kristen relocated to Salt Lake City, Utah. Kristen was looking for space to rent for her Reiki practice and found Turiya’s, which offered not only healing space, but also gifts to touch the heart, body and soul.


The word ‘Turiya‘ is ancient Sankrit meaning “The Fourth Way”, or pure consciousness. The western translation is “unspeakable peace”. Turiya is also one of the sacred names of Amma, a Hindu spiritual leader who is often referred to as “The Hugging Saint”. Another translation we love is “the voice that calls us home”. With this in mind, we designed our place to be welcoming.

Jan Jacobsen

Jan makes people feel like they are the most important person in the world. She brings the best out in people. She is engaging, present, and genuinely cares for all living things and the world around her. So many people love and respect her for who she is and how she shows up for other people. She is an animal lover and rock hound. In fact, at different points in time Turiya’s has been a sanctuary for small animals like bunnies and birds. She has an uncanny knack for finding the most extraordinary crystals & minerals. She is an incredibly gifted teacher and intuitive consultant working with both individuals and companies.

Kristen Dalzen

Kristen Dalzen

Kristen leads women to love their bodies, dance their dreams, and achieve their most juicy desires. She is a catalyst, conjurer, change agent, and provocateur. She is passionate about inspiring, supporting, and coaxing students to draw out their authentic selves. Without a doubt Kristen is a healer. In fact, a client of many years described the work she does as “soul reclamation”. She assists individuals dealing with physical and emotional pain, loss, and a multitude of other blockages that get in the way of living an ignited and passionate life.

Is it time for you to ignite your divine spark? Come on in and see us.

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December 3, 2013

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November 14, 2013

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